Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Carsten Meyer

Institut: Institut für Angewandte Informatik



Short biography:

Carsten Meyer studied Theoretical Physics in Göttingen and Freiburg (Germany). He did his Ph.D. on Statistical Physics of Neural Networks at the Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) and  at the Graduate School "Organization and Dynamics of Neural Networks", Georg-August-University Göttingen (Germany). From 1998 until 2004, he worked on automatic speech processing at Philips Research Lab Aachen, inter alia leading a research project on speech processing for professional dictation systems. Between 2004 to 2006 his main focus was on medical signal processing and medical imaging. Since 2006, he works on medical image processing at Philips Research Aachen and Hamburg.

Since 2011 he is professor for information technology at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, since 2013 also as co-assigned Professor at  theTechnical Faculty of the Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel. He has published more than 60 articles on automatic speech processing, medical signal and image processing, pattern recognition, machine learning and deep learning in international journals and prestigious conferences and holds more than 20 patents.



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  • Neural networks and deep learning (at CAU Kiel, Master)
  • Machine Learning (Master)
  • Automatic Speech Processing (Master)
  • Introduction to machine learning and deep learning (Bachelor, in German)
  • Programming in C (Bachelor, in German)
  • Programming in C++ (Bachelor, in German)
  • Various (short) courses at Interdisciplinary Weeks


Main research interests:

  • Neural networks, deep learning
  • Machine Learning, pattern recognition
  • Computer vision, automatic image analysis


Supervised Ph.D. theses:

  • Eric Gabriel, "Automatic Multi-Scale and Multi-Object Pedestrian and Car Detection in Digital Images Based on the Discriminative Generalized Hough Transform and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks" (2018)
  • Alexander Oliver Mader, "Automatic Localization and Classification of Key Points in Digital Images - flexible, intuitive, trainable" (ongoing)





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